Proceeding Online ICSAR 10th Series 2020 Issued

Proceeding Online ICSAR 10th Series 2020  Issued
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  • 17 April 2020
  • 16:59

Proceeding  Online International Conference on Special Education In South East Asia Region 10th Series 2020 , Published in  Global Conference Series: Social Sciences, Education and Humanities (GCSSSEH) Volume 4 2020,
Editors:   Abu Yazid Abu Bakar, Mohd Mokhtar Tahar, Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin

ISBN: 978-623-92238-5-4
ISSN (Print): 2685-5984
ISSN (Electronic): 2685-5933
Series Link:

Preface :

The International Conference on Special Education in South East Asia Region (ICSAR) was conducted from 29th t0 30th March 2020, at the Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi. Malaysia.  The conference theme is Develop Inclusive Teaching and Learning in School Environment. ICSAR 2020 serves as international platform to gather scholars, teachers, postgraduate students, researchers and administrators from different countries, particularly from Southeast Asia region, in order to explore and discuss theoretical and practical issues in the field of special education.  The subthemes of the conference include: (1) Inclusive Education (2) Sex Education for Children with Special Need (3) Curriculum and Learning Strategy (4) Teaching and Learning Innovation (5) Ethics in Quality Teaching (6) Transition and Employment for SEN (7) Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) (8) Guidance and Counseling (9) Quality Assessment (10) ICT Innovation in Education (11) Management and Administration of Quality Education (12) Policy and Legislation (13) Support Services in Quality Education (14) Skills Education (15) Innovation and Quality Teacher Training (16) Physical Facilities and Infrastructure (17) Education for Individuals with Visual Impairment (18) Education for Individuals with Hearing Impairment (19) Education for Individuals with Learning Disabilities (20) Education for Individuals with Autism

The organizing committee of ICSAR 2020 wish to encompass our heartfelt gratitude to all presenters and participants for their kind contributions and supports.  We hope the conference had achieved its’ objective in establishing a networking platform for experts, particularly in the field of special education, to exchange ideas and collaboratively working together to heighten the standards of the field leading to the era of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
Thank you.

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